About Us

Get to know the behind-the-scenes crew who bring Salty Roos to life and create our original comic book art.


Blue Roos Comics is a creator-owned comic book publisher Founded by Erick Anderson. We provide readers with Entertainment reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons, Mixed with (occasional) adult sensibility.

Erick Anderson

Creator, Publisher

A serial entrepreneur and lifelong fan of comics and comic book art, Erick has been the creative force behind a string of successful stores and e-commerce businesses,  including a surf shop on Cape Cod. At Blue Roo, Erick plays a variety of roles, from chief idea officer to talent recruiter and financial guru.


The idea for Salty Roos first came to him in the 1980s, when he attended the Action Sports Retailer Trade Show. The riot of colors, the variety of clothing and accessories, the skateboarding, surfing, and windsurfing gear—both the industry and the personalities who populated it were notoriously wild.


Around the same time, he created Salty Roo. The original concept went through several redesigns until Erick settled on the version he used on Salty Roos After Surf Wear, his own brand of surf and skate T-shirts. The brand took off, especially in Florida, and later landed on the shelves of Walmart.


A storyteller at heart, Erick kept building the backstories of his characters. With the help of artist Mike Jackson, he put together a nine-page origin comic called The Adventures of Salty Roos. He also worked with Bong Ty Dazo, a Marvel Comics artist on books like Deadpool and Star Wars, who updated the characters for the new millennium.

Diego Toro


A comic book art genius with an eye for detail and a talent for expressive, action-packed artwork, Diego has been working in illustration, comic books, graphic pieces, and music for video games for over a decade. Chilean-born, he has partnered with publishers in multiple countries, including England, Italy, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the US. He also has worked extensively for educational publisher Didactic. Diego’s recent comic book titles include One Must Break for Beyond Reality Media, Mechanical Knight for Winter City, The CW Chronicles by Silvano Williams, and Clusterf@#k for Alterna. According to Blue Roo Comics founder Erick Anderson, Diego is “undoubtedly one of the best artists ever to work on Salty Roos. He has single-handedly transformed this series into fan favorites with his unmistakable energy and smarty-pants style of comedy.”

Kote Carvajal


A professional comic book colorist since 2008, Kote has worked with IDW Publishing, Alterna Comics, Beyond Reality Media, The 4th Monkey Anthology, and Fantasmagoría. Besides having a natural gift for colorization and extraordinary palettes, he’s a talented writer who has written and published three graphic novels in Chile (El Colorista Nana, Corazon Nerd, and El Cardenal). In addition to Salty Roos, Kóte is currently writing and coloring an all-ages sci-fi/adventure graphic novel. He lives with his lovely wife and their three bunnies in Santiago, Chile.

Cristian Docolomansky


Born in Barcelona, Cristian now lives in Chile. In comic book art, he’s known for his distinctive dialogue balloons and lettering. He currently works as an inker or letterer for several American, Kiwi, and UK publishers, including Beyond Reality Media, Scout Comics, Advent Comics, Crow Hill Comics, Ariete Producciones, and Dogitia, among others.

Nicole D’Andria

Editor & Writer

The go-to editor for Salty Roos, Nicole is a freelance writer and editor specializing in comics. She is the creator/writer of Road Trip to Hell, and adapted Peter David’s Artful as well as Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir into comics. Nicole also works as a freelance comic editor for Scout Comics and Tapas Media as well as writes for Screen Rant and Comic Frontline.

K.R. Conway

Contributing Writer

The author of Amazon bestselling urban fantasy series Undertow, K.R. has been writing professionally for two decades. She teaches frequently at national writers’ conferences and schools, as well as virtually with schools and book clubs worldwide. In addition, K.R. is an active blogger and graphic artist at Wicked Whale Publishing and Cape Cod Scribe.

Jon Parrish


Jon has written and self-published multiple comics, including Secrets & Shadows, Clusterf@#k, Career Criminals, and the one-shot Someday. A graduate of Franklin College and a former assistant language teacher, he has a knack for writing intense action, humor, and distinctive characters. He currently resides in Hammond, Indiana.

Pat Shand


Pat is a writer and content creator. He has funded 16 Kickstarters and is the co-creator and writer of Destiny NY, Snap Flash Hustle, Afterglow, Spooky Girls, Prison Witch, Gangster Ass Barista, Breathless Little Girl, Modern Dread, and more. He has also worked on comics such as Joss Whedon’s Angel, as well as Adventure Time, and Robyn Hood. Pat has released four novels, all original stories in the Marvel universe. They include Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Riot; Iron Man: Mutually Assured Destruction; Avengers: The Serpent Society; and Thor: Crusade of the Forgotten, along with the oversized pop-up book, Spider-Man: Spideyography.

Ben Miller


Ben is a writer and editor at Guerrilla Publishing, which he founded with Julio Guerra and Adam Farster. He  began his comics career writing the miniseries Judges. Since then he has written the graphic novels Kaneesha and Gunwork. Ben is also a writer for The Lab, as well as Tales from the Cryptic Closet and The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag. In his Gary, Indiana, community, Ben serves as a director of a program for at-risk kids. He brings the lessons and desires for justice from his work into his writing in the hopes of bringing stories to comics that aren’t being told.