Salty Waters, Oliver James, Rodney Rogers, and Piper Paraffin Patriarca never met a slope they couldn’t carve or a wave they couldn’t ride.

Salty Roo aka Salty C. Waters

Standing an impressive 6’7”, Salty Roo is the motor-mouthed leader of our crew. A crack shot, he’s even more of a hot shot with the ladies. Wild, dauntless, and dedicated to his crew, Salty thrives on impossible missions and outrageously complex operations. Using his charisma, quick thinking, and a serious dose of sarcasm, Salty can manipulate almost any situation to his advantage.

Ollie Roo aka Oliver James

Magician, pickpocket, card shark, bookie, lock picker, and safe cracker—Ollie Roo wears it all with pride. He’s the shortest of the Roos, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in brains and practical jokes. A free spirit with a need for speed and a lust for adventure, Ollie is the techno genius of the crew. He’s a rapid-fire, work-on-the-fly radioman, computer hacker, and all-around con man. Whatever you need, Ollie can get it for you—or rob someone blind so you can have it.

Radicool Roo aka Rodney Rogers

Rodney’s short-fuse temper matches the bombs he so deftly crafts. Brutally strong, he’s a hit-first, ask-questions-never kind of Roo, a mind-set that aids him well as team sniper and explosives expert. Rodney isn’t one for chitchat, and prefers his conversations like his action—fast, fiery, and to the point.

Piper Paraffin Patriarca

Whip-smart and sharp-tongued, Piper has known the Roos since they were all kids—and all human. She joined the Roos’ crew shortly after their genetic mutation, and remains the only fully human member. Having been born to a traitorous family, Piper attended the School of Hard Knocks as a child, before earning a full scholarship to Harvard . . . which she promptly turned down when she was recruited into a shadow division of a rogue police force within the city. Best friend to anything with a bullet or a blade, Piper is a talented covert agent, martial artist, and sword fighter.