Check out our comic art gallery, a showcase of our covers and other Roo-filled banter art pieces from some of the industry’s hottest artists, like William Allan Reyes (Rumble Kings), Glauco Silva (Shrek), and Brett Parson (Tank Girl).

Many pieces of the comic art found here will be included in Kangaroo Power, an upcoming series on a variety of Roo-centric topics. Here’s a sampling of the topics artists you’ll find in the new series:

Battle Ready

Be prepared for a fight as the Salty Roos get suited up for combat and go mano a mano with their enemies.

Commandos & Mercenaries

The Salty Roos embark on insane road wars and post-apocalyptic wasteland fights.

Extreme Sports

The Salty Roos have fun, extreme sports style with their favorite pastimes: surfing, skateboarding,
snowboarding, and more!


Be prepared for a fight as the Salty Roos get suited up for
combat and go mano a mano with their enemies.


The Salty Roos take to the high seas, along with a cast of pirates and scallywags; piracy, fighting, pillaging, and all sorts of debauchery ensue.


The Roos are out of this world in scenes of space exploration that pit them against alien robots and nightmarish creatures, and hurtle them
into parallel universes such as the Land Of The Lost. Will the Roos survive in a dinosaur-dominated land?


Take a ride to the supernatural side with the Salty Roos as they battle cryptids, demons, evil spirits, and legendary creatures from mythology, fairy tales, folklore, and more!



Glauco Silva

Glauco Silva is a true artist with an unmatched talent for creativity and drawing. He previously worked on DreamWorks’ SHREK Official Comics as well as for the Marvel Trading Card Game. Glauco worked at an animation studio that created cartoons, became a character designer and animated for a video game studio, illustraties educational books for children and started a magna project with a friend. He creates illustrations for Salty Roo, mixing his unique style with anime and other popular techniques to create something new.

Angelo Ty "Bong" Dazo

Ty Dazo, the first of several top artists in our comic art gallery, revels in the classic Filipino style, with a sense of over-the-top power and drama. Funny and dynamic, his work has appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, The Irregulars, Bad Moon Rising, and Belle: Beast Hunter. He is perhaps best known for his work with Marvel Comics, including various Deadpool series. He brought a grittiness to the Salty Roos in both their expressions and impressive arsenal, including a beautiful piece of the Roos going up against a vicious alien creature. He sadly passed away on June 29, 2018. I discovered his art while visiting a store in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and his drawing served as the backdrop for the store’s front window. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Soon after I was able to track him down online, which led to our professional relationship. Bong really enjoyed drawing the Salty Roos and always asked when I was ready to do a comic book that he would be more than happy to provide his talent.

Brett Parson

Brett Parson, aka Blitzcadet, is a Massachusetts-based artist known for his creative pulp-style illustrations with a unique “dirty” feel. His work is a mix of cartoon/animation and old-school comics. He is best known for his work on multiple Tank Girl titles. Brett has also worked on Eric Powell’s critically acclaimed series The Goon, and with DC/Vertigo, Boom!, 2000 AD, Albatross Funny Books, Warner Bros. Animation, DreamWorks TV, Sony Music, and more. His art of the Salty Roos brings out that pulp-pounding, action-packed style he’s known for while combining it with his cartoon experience. 

William Allan Reyes

William Allan Reyes, aka WAR, was born and lives in the Philippines. He worked as an animation in-betweener from 1999 to 2001 before being promoted to a 2D animator. He retired from animation in 2008 and went back to his truest passion: drawing comics books. Reyes has worked on indie books and published his Once Upon A Time Machine with Dark Horse. His super detailed work on Salty Roos has them battling alien invasions and more. The Salty Roos have never looked more ready to get down to business and take on the world’s problems!

Diego Toro

Diego Toro is a comic book genius with a gift for expressive artwork and an eye for detail. He has spent 11 years working in illustration, comic books, and graphic pieces, as well as creating music for video games around the world, including England, Italy, Spain, Canada, and the USA. His recent comic book titles include One Must Break for Beyond Reality Media (New Zealand), Mechanical Knight for Winter City (Australia), The CW Chronicles by Silvano Williams, and Clusterf@#k for Alterna. Diego has the most experience out of any when it comes to drawing the Salty Roos, serving as the interior artist for several issues. He gave them their classic, distinguished look, while also developing variations of their designs that range from cute and cuddly to guns blazing bada**es.

Kim Jacinto

Aaron Kim Jacinto is known for his work with Marvel, providing interiors for The Sentry and Angela: Queen of Hel. He’s also worked on Unworthy Thor with Jason Aaron and Amazing Spider-Man with Nick Spencer. Kim may be the most requested sequential and cover artist on Next Comic Art. He lives in Baguio City, Philippines, with his wife and son, and is currently working on a creator-owned project. His raw style brings out a new side of Salty Roo.

Jan Mclloyd Sumagpang

Jan Mclloyd is a freelance illustrator, animator, and storyboard artist based in the Philippines. He especially enjoys creating comic-style artwork, which you’ll find in our comic art gallery, and has also designed illustrations for T-shirts. He’s currently working on the DuckTales TV series and will soon be venturing into toy design. The Salty Roos are always ready to show off their pearly whites in Mclloyd’s action-packed art, which includes the guys having some fun in the sun with a giant roo-eating shark!

Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson is an American comic book illustrator best known for his work on Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series at Mirage Studios. Lawson created the Rat King and Shadow Jones, and he also co-created the series Planet Racers with Peter Laird. He is the writer and artist of Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous. He still draws TMNT art, which he posts on Facebook. Occasionally, he draws alternative cover art for IDW Publishing, as well as cover art for newer trade paperback releases of Mirage and Archie TMNT comics. His gritty, raw style brings together the Salty Roos and the TMNT!