Expect the unexpected with three talking, crime-busting kangaroos! In their first few adventures, you’ll learn about the wild, off-kilter universe of the Salty Roos. Read the comics online, or pick up a hard copy.


A boat. Three sports stars. A trio of kangaroos. A meteor. What could go wrong? Find out how our heroes emerged from a freak accident to become an elite team of super-strong, super-intelligent crime fighters.

Salty and the gang take some R&R in Allagash, Maine, a place known for UFO sightings and the alien abduction of four men. While on the trail of missing hunters, the four get ambushed and find themselves in the clutches of the Wild Man of the Snows. Will they survive his dark plan?

The Roos travel to Martha’s Vineyard and learn the legend of Trader Jack, a commander turned pirate, whose ghost is said to be haunting the sea. Will they reveal the truth before they’re forced to walk the plank?

After a heated hockey game in Cape Cod, the Roos meet supernatural writer K.R. Conway. The author is plagued by supernatural happenings and an inescapable contract, and the Roos are quick to lend a paw. But can they survive the ultimate haunted house—or, even scarier, a publisher?

When people start mysteriously disappearing, a quiet Cape Cod community finds itself under attack by a huge, bloodsucking, tentacled monster. With a storm approaching, the Roos help coordinate the town’s defenses. Can the Roos save the townsfolk in time, or will they find themselves in an everlasting embrace—of the vampy variety?

The Roos and Piper travel to Salem, Massachusetts, for the dark, twisted Haunted Happening. While preparing for the Costume Ball, they’re whisked into the middle of a murder investigation. It’s up to them to solve the mystery, before they become part of it.

After the passing of her grandfather, Piper and the Roos travel to Exeter, Rhode Island, to pay their respects. But women are going missing in the town, known as the Vampire Capital of America. Was Piper’s grandfather involved?

The Roos find themselves on an out-of-this-world adventure! With the entire world at risk from an unknown extraterrestrial threat, it’s up to the Salty Roos to travel to space with the help of the United States Space Force. With the help of an unlikely ally, can the Roos survive an alien bar brawl and a space chase to end all space chases?